All in one skin care daily routine must haves for girls

All in one complete daily skin care routine checklist

Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare, to look charming and beautiful is the dream of every single girl. In order to achieve this, they have to do all kinds of struggle. Self-Care is considered to be the first or most important step in this process. But how many of you are the women who really take care of themselves. So let’s talk in detail about the importance of daily skincare routine its benefits, with the help of home remedies some beauty essentials tools, and products. follow this complete step by step guide for a daily skin care routine every girl should follow Find more at


The towel is considered to be the most important part of your daily skincare routine. If there are 5 people in the family, each person will have a different skin type and different skin problem. In this case, using the same towel for the whole family can seriously damage your skin. Avoid using your own towel on your face. Use 2 different towels, one for your face and the other one for your body. People who have very sensitive skin, they can allocate a good towel only for their face. Excessive prolonged rubbing of the towel on your face can also cause damage, so take precautions. Pamper yourself with soft towels made of organic cotton, gently treat your face.


The use of an ordinary chemical soup hardens your skin. No matter how good the brand of your soap is, using it more than once a day can cause skin dryness. Your skin tends to be losing its natural moisture. Another disadvantage of soap is that it is kept in an open place and due to touching it, again and again, It absorbs germs and then causes acne and pimples. Using a good soap is a part of a daily skin care routine. You can use a good organic soup instead of a chemical soup that does no harm your skin at all. Organic soups are made from 100% natural ingredients all these soaps are colored using natural clays which helps exfoliate the skin and remove toxins and impurities that make your skin healthy and radiant because they are free of harmful chemicals.


Over the last few years, people have made face wash a part of their daily skin care routine. But they are unaware that even in the case of Face Wash; they are using the soup actually. Yes! If you’re Face Wash produces good (leather) foam on your face, then understand that you are using soap indirectly on your face. Here are some things to keep in mind before buying Facewash

Right Facewash

  1. It should be foam (leather) free,
  2. It should be in oil texture
  3. Another important step to choose the right face wash is your skin type. You should buy it according to your oily/sensitive/normal or dry skin.
  4. Face wash should fill with antioxidant properties. Antibacterial in nature restores the skin natural PH level tightens open pores.
  5. A good face wash makes your skin fresh supple and Will also brighten, even skin tone, reducing dark spots and pigmentation.


Most of you have heard this complaint from different people that the color of their face is changing or becoming dull day by day. The glow of their face is gone. One of the biggest reasons for all this is not having a cleanser in their daily skin care routine. Not using a good cleanser, will cause a layer of dust and dead skin cells to accumulate on your face, which will hide your absolute skin color Cleanser plays a very important role in daily care routine. I would suggest you to use the cleanser at night before going to bed apply a small amount of it on the neck and face lightly massage then remove with damp cotton this will remove all the dust and dirt particle of the day from your skin will eliminate your dead skin cells and will promote new skin cells it should be (antipollution) eliminate impurities calms the epidermis, brightens and unifies the complexion. The cleanser is ideal for people exposed to harsh, dry climates, pollution, or for frequent travelers and stressed devitalized skin.


You will all be familiar with the words of ‘Sun Tanning’ and ‘sunburn’ and those who are not will be aware now. Sun tanning is the result of sun exposure without applying sunblock on your skin. If you are a college/school going girl or a working woman, even if you are a housewife and you go to the kitchen several times a day, then sunblock is a must for you. Just 2 minutes of direct sun exposure can darken your skin. Some women think that it is necessary to use sunblock only when they are out of the house, but they are wrong. Standing in front of a fireplace without sunblock can also affect your skin in the same way as the bright rays of the sun. There are countless such products in the market are now available containing sunblock SPF in day cream foundations and even in lipsticks. So make sure to add up a sunblock in your daily skin care routine

Choosing a right sunblock:

  1. Sunblock that keeps you protected from UV without feeling greasy.
  2. It should be sweat proof and smells naturally good.
  3. It should be light weighted and non-greasy.
  4. Stay glowing throughout the last days of summer by using the right will Keep your skin soft smooth, moisturized, and hydrated.

Grandma’s remedy

Apply a small amount of coconut oil can be used as a sunscreen alternative. And if you get a sunburn, you will get rid of it by applying the Aloe Vera gel on the affected part.

Make-Up remover

Makeup Removing is more important than Applying makeup. If you go to bed one night without a make-up removal, it is best to stop doing make-up the next day. This is not about bridal make-up, party make-up, or smoky eyes, even if you fall asleep without removing a simple BB cream mascara or lipstick, then you will be responsible for your own condition. During the night, your skin breathes, relaxes, if you sleep with a layer of make-up on it, you will find that the make-up will remain stuck in the pores all night long. Isn’t this a bad thing for your skin? Nor is it enough to just wash the face with a normal face wash or soap. Infect, your skin demands proper care and cleanliness. There are countless make-up remover pads, makeup removing wipes, and washes in the market make them a part of your daily skin care routine. Just take a light cotton pad, massage it on the face, and then look at the material coming off the face. You will be amazed.

Usage of make-up remover:

  1. Use it as a makeup remover or makeup corrector, should be gentle but effective cleansing.
  2. It shouldn’t irritate your skin, especially your eyes.
  3. It shouldn’t leave the skin dry or dehydrated after using it.
  4. It should remove waterproof make up.

Grandma’s Remedies:

Mix a few drops of jojoba oil with rose water to make a natural make-up remover and dip few cotton pads into it.

Eye Cream:

History has shown that the most talked about subject in poetry books are the topic about woman’s is said that If the eyes are beautiful, then the personality of a person becomes more radiant and attractive. But nowadays, the eyes are being badly affected due to excessive use of mobile phones and the internet, and dark circles begin to appear around them. In addition, the effects of human increasing age are first and foremost visible by their condition of eyes in the form of, Wrinkles around the eyes. Applying eye cream before going to bed at night not only protects the eyes from dark circles and wrinkles but also helps in slowing down the aging process. Use good eye cream as a part of your daily skin care routine its a must have thing!

Good Eye-Cream

  1. It should be brightening and de-puffing eye cream.
  2.  Eye cream should instantly give you a brighter lifted look.
  3. While reducing the appearance of dark circles should moisturize and condition the delicate skin around your eyes.
  4.  Apply it with the help of an applicator for massage and better results.

Grandmas’ Remedies:

Applying a few drops of Almond oil and Vitamin E Oil around the eyes before going to bed at night will help to get rid of circles around eyes


Just as water is essential to keep plants fresh in the same way, moisturizer is essential to keep the skin fresh. Apply a layer of moisturizer on the face as soon as you wash your face several times a day. By the application of a good moisturizer helps to remove the dryness of the skin. This eliminates the risk of wrinkles and preserves the natural texture and moisture of the skin. If the skin is not properly moisturized before applying the make-up, then the make-up will not stay for a long time on a face. There are countless moisturizers available in the market. You need it throughout the season, but you can’t live without a moisturizing cream in winter. Use a moisturizer with high Consistency these days. Finding the right moisturizer for your skin is a difficult task sometime our skin is oily and moisturizers leave a greasy feeling. We want our moisturizer to have perfect weight. Not too heavy not to lighter. A deeply moisturizing cream that helps to repair, strengthen, and protect the skin barrier from external air pollution leave your skin hydrated and nourished gives a plump and smooth appearance to your skin.

Grandma’s remedy

There are a few natural ingredients that can be used as moisturizers. The moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated,

Lip balm:

Dry, dull, and dark lips completely ruin a person’s personality. Research has shown that a large number of men’s Mention ‘beautiful lips’ as the best feature of women, Then why not to take care of them. Applying a good quality lip balm on the lips before going to bed at night keeps them moisturized and helps them to maintain the natural pinkish texture of them. Lipsticks containing different chemicals in the market can badly damage your lips. Therefore, applying a lip balm before applying any lipstick can not only protect them from harmful chemicals but also help to lock its natural moisture. Lip balms Lip sheet masks and scrubs are available with beautiful, attractive packaging and flavor. Hydrating, extremely nourishing, and delectably scented all words to describe a good lip balm. Lip balm is a natural moisturizer used daily to keep your lips hydrated all the time away from the chemicals it gives you a natural plump to your lips. So, lip balm is a must have skin care routine essential.

Nose pore cleaning:

Which girl doesn’t face the problem of Blackhead and Whitehead or open pores? We all have pores over our face, but because some pores are collaged (due to environmental effect pollution, makeup residues) they can appear more visible than others collogued pores can cause black and white head.  Not only they look bad on your skin, but also the women complain that their make-up base does not last long all day, this happens because of black and whiteheads problem on their nose. Nowadays, Different laser gadgets/treatments have been launched which not only removes them but also prevents them from coming back. A large number of Blackhead, Whitehead Removing Masks, and Sheets are available that are easy and safe to use once a week you can’t use them as a daily skin care routine must have. You can clean out pores like a pro with a blemish extractor which is gentle, effective, and painless. Use the most effective way blackhead extractor (pore vacuum) which not only removes blackhead or whitehead but also acne fine lines dead skin cells shrink and minimize pores clear dirt and impurities eliminate wrinkles and exfoliate your skin..

Teeth whitening

Confidence begins with a smile, If your teeth are not white and healthy, your smile may not be attractive. Yellowish teeth cause embarrassment it also leads to different dental diseases. You have to go to the dentist either to have your teeth extracted or to have them cleaned, so why not take precautions now, to avoid it in the future.Choose the best toothpaste for your teeth; they should be cleaned at least twice a day, once in a morning after waking up, and once before going to the bed. Teeth whitening kits allow you to achieve dental-grade whitening in the comfort of your own home and get a fuller, whiter and healthier look. Make a smile your signature accessory. LED light is used in conjunction with teeth whitening agents to help brighten your smile. No more booking of dentist for that teeth whitening treatment, with a whitening kit you can do it on your own. Your Daily skin care routine is incomplete without this. With the help of teeth whitening pen, you can whiten on the go in just 2 minutes leaving the crystal white smile.

Facial hair:

The worst of the problems about the face is the unnecessary hair on the face. It can be caused by hormonal changes that are more likely to occur in girls over 30 years of age. Some women have in hereditary facial hair. Some people’s facial hair becomes more prominent due to the use of products containing various chemicals. Women have tried various methods to get rid of this unwanted hair like threading, waxing, and laser treatment. But in spite of all this, the unwanted hairs on the face start coming back again after a period of time. Women should improve their diet and avoid taking a lot of junk food. If you don’t have thick hair or just peach fuzz on your face, use a good facial hair remover. you will see a big difference it will look brighter and makeup application will be smoother. it’s a simple quick and painless way to get rid of unwanted hair. don’t go for a trimmer always go for a root hair removal tool that gives you the same silky/smooth skin as waxing but way less painful and irritating the more you do it, the thinner and less your facial hair grows.

Anti-Aging creams:

If a disease is vaccinated before you have that disease, you will not have that disease in the same way, if steps are taken to prevent the fast aging process, you will never grow old. That’s why anti-aging creams are so important. Women often complain about growing wrinkles and freckles when things get out of women’s hands. If a girl uses her anti-aging cream as part of her skincare from the beginning, she will not complain about facial wrinkles or freckles. Especially this is a very suitable and necessary precautionary step for girls over 30 years of age. If anti-aging cream is applied 2 to 3 times a week before going to bed at night, it will slow down the aging process. People who have already suffered from it will be able to get rid of these freckles and wrinkles and will look younger and fresh. Signs of aging include flatted cheeks, sagging skin, hollowness under the eyes, and fullness around the jawline use a good anti-aging cream to prevent them it encourages cell renewal soften smoothen skin and gently exfoliate.

Eyebrow cream:

Some people’s eyebrows are so light and thin that it spoils their overall look. Most people’s eyebrow starts to get thinner with age. And if your eyebrows are pretty and thick by the way, even then, they must be protected. Some people pay much attention to their eyebrows during make-up; their Proper Shapes and Dark Color make your facial features even more enhanced and attractive. So be sure to protect them. To avoid all of these eyebrow problems, make it a part of your daily care routine before going to bed at night. Go with an all in one eyebrow cream by choosing your brow shade will give you a Prettier bolder look. It contains an angled brush providing an effortless and precise application every time with the goodness of an eyebrow cream. And use a good eyebrow remover that won’t hurt your skin because eyebrows skin is more delicate. Use a good linear eyebrow contain the benefits of 3 products waterproof pencil, wax, and powder in one which doesn’t feel smudge or sticky. The brow fixing gel helps to put every little hair in its right place and keep them hydrated. A trimmer is perfect for removing your brow hairs effortlessly and painless it also can be used for other facial area hair removing like chin upper lips and cheeks.

Day Cream:

Day cream or BB cream has a significance of its own in women’s daily lives. Nowadays, not even a single girl steps out of the house without using Day cream or BB cream. Therefore, the choice of cream should be made thoughtfully. The cream/bib cream should be chosen according to your skin type It should contain sunblock / SPF so that your face is protected from the tropical rays of the sun. It should be non-oily, non-greasy So that your skin does not feel heavy or weighted after applying that BB cream. It Should also contain a moisturizer so that it keeps your skin hydrated and fresh. Should give you a matte finish conceal all your imperfections nice fragrance, lightweight, oil-free, and stay long containing SPF 20. It adds just the slightest amount of coverage while moisturizing even your skin tone primes and brightens. A good BB cream is a truly original concept of being a combination of skincare and makeup which gives a natural make up finish but with skincare glow, use a medium coverage bb cream for everyday routine while use with high coverage for some special occasions or events.

Night Cream:

If you fall asleep one night without any night cream on your face, you have wasted that night. You have not applied any kind of make-up or chemical on your face at night then applying night cream on your skin will help to make your skin fresh and glowing for the next day, and helps your skin to remove all the impurities dust particles dead skin cells, of the previous day, and makes it lighten, whiten and brighten. There are many such creams in the market but you have to choose them very carefully. Because the effect of night cream applied on the face at night is not only quick but also long-lasting. A good night cream should intensely hydrate your skin throughout the night and leave you with a moisturized and fresh look in the morning packed with hydration, power anti-aging properties, and skin-plumping benefits, soothes and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles as we sleep you will soft and supple upon waking.


A hydrating facial mist After cleansing apply a small amount of toner to the face, patting gently into the skin to fully absorb will give you a refreshing hydration boost toner is a perfect spray to set your make up and clear your complexion. Face spray that hydrates refreshes and replenishes the skin tone meanwhile extends the makeup duration. Face mist not only add moisture but also set your make up throughout the day place them in a cool refrigerator and spray it before leaving the home after or before applying makeup will refresh hydrate revitalize your skin in the daytime night time and your skin will be fresh one again.

Face Serum:

Just like there is a solution to every problem, there is a serum to every problem serum, for example, Hair serum, Lips serum, face serum, hand serum, body serum. here we are talking about face care routine so let’s go with a face serum addition of a face serum in your daily care routine helps boost radiance while rejuvenating tired skin, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stimulate the natural production of collagen in the face brightens the skin, minimize the appearance of the pores it promotes regeneration, moisturizes and smoothens the skin. Moreover, it improves the clarity of your complexion for a fresh healthy glow. Use it before going to bed or wear it underneath the makeup in a day will hydrate your skin due to its lighter texture it completely worth it. Let your skin experience the glow and radiance like never before. Your serum should contain anti-oxidants purifying properties which help to heal inflammation purify skin fade scars and brightens the skin tone.

Sheet masks:

“Home is where the fast masks are” a few years back Sheet masks have been introduced in the world of cosmetics and become extremely popular. The reason behind their popularity is that You can see the best results of the sheet mask immediately. They are mostly used to remove impurities like blackhead whitehead dust pollution and dead skin cells. One of the benefits of these kinds of sheet masks is that they lighten your skin hydrate your skin and make it glowing. It is very good to use them twice a week. On holiday, when you want to pamper yourself, select one of a good sheet mask from your cosmetic fridge and Take it out of the pack, apply it for 15 minutes, and take it off. It will brighten your skin and refresh you and give you a soothing effect. You can use it to prep your skin before makeup, it will leave your skin feeling super glowing and soft and makeup will applied flawlessly afterwards. Your glowing skin is just a mask away Sunday night plans getting sheet faced will definitely hydrate plump replenish your skin. Also, use hydra-gel eye patches they will refresh hydrate smooth and relax your eyes.

Face Massager:

All I can say is that this is the solution to every problem that comes out of your face. Have you ever imagined how much your skin endures for you? Dust pollution, skin darkness, acne problem, skin tanning, sweat, and other harmful chemical products. But there is nothing you have done for your skin if you want to invest in something for your skin that is lifetime or has countless benefits. So buy a face massager. It is indispensable for you. Once you use it, you will never be able to live without it. It relieves puffiness from your face, relieves tension, lifts your face, gives you a soothing effect, slows down the aging process, and improves blood circulation that too with great security.

Thank You For Reading Explore some more Girls must have Accessories to look Even more Attractive.

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