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5 online earning successful stories-A girl struggling journey

After Reading this short girl/woman struggling, inspiring, and successful girl story/journey you will feel self-confident and motivated. This is a must-read story for every struggling girl. Also, you can find some more girlish stuff here.

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when Olivia was in the first year of her college she realized how vast the world of the internet is! 19-06-2020. That day was proven to be a life-changing day for her. When her teacher (Mr. David) raised a question in class

“How many of you do online earning and bear their own expenses”?

She was surprised to hear this question. She was considering herself too young to ask this type of question

Olivia: online earning…what kind of question it is?

She became even more shocked when most of the students in her class raise their hands and said “yes sir!”. Those words sounded like an arrow to her.

Olivia: What? She whispered. How is this possible? She felt little embarrassed

Mr. David: The class is over You all may leave now. ( Addressing the rest of the students Who did not raise their hands)
While listening to this Olivia gets up from her chair but after some thought, she sat back down again. She wanted to hear how these people were doing all this. she started blaming herself. Why didn’t this idea came to her mind first? What could she do now?

Mr. David asked all the remaining students to give their brief introduction with a way of online income.
First of all, a thin boy wearing glasses, academic records were also average stood up. And said
Jack: sir, “I am jack and I am a YouTuber. I do vlogging”.
Mr.David “impressive When did you start this?
Jack: When I was in 9th grade.
Mr.David “How many subscribers you have?”
Jack said it while fixing the collar in a slightly showy manner.
Jack: “its around 13k sir”
Olivia was staring at Jack with surprised eyes.
Mr.David smiles and says, “Who’s next?”
This time a girl who was famous in college because of her beauty and attitude stood up from her seat.
Emma : Emma here sir! I’m a make up and fashion blogger.
Mr.David Well Done! how did you get this idea?.

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Emma “seen from the internet, learned from the internet and put it on the Internet”.

Olivia started thinking I also use the internet why didn’t I got the idea of taking advantage of that. Why I have always been impressed by the make-up food and traveling blogs of others. Why didn’t I think of doing all this?
Mr.David said “so we have a Youtuber and a blogger with us now let’s see who’s the next?
George, who was the smartest guy in the college, got up from his chair.
George: “Sir I am a photographer and I sell pictures on different websites.”
Mr.David smiled and said I wasn’t expecting all this to you.
“How do you do all this cool stuff with reading you’re a topper after all?
George: “sir I am an orphan I have to do this for my study expenses but I don’t regret it. My compulsion has become my passion.”
Mr. David: God bless you, dear.
Mr. David appeared in a deep thought who’s the next?
Henry, who was the naughtiest boy in college stood up in a non-serious way as usual.
Henry: sir I am a graphic designer and freelancer too.
Mr.David was so surprised to hear this.
Mr. David, are you kidding me henry? He said smiling
Meanwhile, the college bell rang

Mr.David said, while looking at Henry

Everyone has a story that very few people know about. We can’t judge a person by his appearance.
I want you guys not to bother your family for a small amount of money for your expenses go and earn it for yourself

By saying this Mr. David left the class. After this, everyone started leaving, except Olivia. For her, it was a turning point of her life.

She wanted to make her future better than before.

She kept thinking about it even after she went home

I wish I, too, could proudly raise my hand by saying yes sir I am also one of the few people who do not put the burden of their necessities on the family

…But what was happening in Olivia’s life which was forcing her to think all this. Because these thoughts could not be of an ordinary girl. She kept looking at the wall clock all night. She had breakfast in the morning, went to college with her friend Sophia (who was her neighbor)As soon as she reached there, her eyes began to search for someone.

Olivia: Mr.David, She screamed

Mr. David(35-year-old handsome men) looked back He looked very surprised at Olivia’s move Today was the first time Olivia had addressed him she approached him and said.
Olivia: can you Please help me?

Mr.David Help…what kind of help?

Olivia: About that topic, you have raised in class yesterday, can you please guide me about that? when and how should I start this?

( she said everything at once nervously he Smiled at Olivia’s behavior she Kept talking. and Mr.David kept on walking toward the class Olivia was following him.suddenly she stopped and said Loudly.

Olivia: I don’t want to put more burden on my mother.

Hearing this, David stopped walking for a while and started walking again with staggering steps Olivia’s voice had stopped coming from behind Mr. David left the class after finishing his 40-minute lecture.

Mr. David called Olivia to his office Olivia went to David’s office with her friend Sophia.Mr. David looked at Sophia and said,

Mr.David: “I only called Olivia.” she felt embarrassed, opened the office door, and ran away.
Mr.david Have a seat Oliv…

Mr.David: What does your father do? Mr. David asked Olivia .he said informally
Olivia was shocked by what he had just said, my father…?
Olivia: He…My father…He is…Olivia said nervously.
Mr.David: you don’t have a father right?
His words felt like a slap on her face.

Olivia: how do you know that? Olivia said bowing her head.
Mr.Davis: that’s none of your business Do you really want to work? now he was looking at Olivia seriously.
Olivia: yes sir I want to…. but…
Mr.Davis: but? mr.david asked
Olivia: I have no one in my life who can guide me.
Mr. David said I will help you. Olivia looked at David suspiciously,

Olivia: but why would you help me?
Mr. David replied (because someone helped me too)while picking up a glass of water from the table ….

To be continued…..

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