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8 Glasses wearer stories+ideas+hacks for wearing spectacles

Glasses are the best friend of a glasses wearer. If you wear glasses then you should definitely read this article. This article covers the daily life experiences problems faced by a glasses wearer and their solutions. You can find more about glasses here.

Is it a crime to wear Glasses? Everyone will say “no”.
So why am I being treated like a criminal?

If this is my weakness then I have to live with it now. There can be several reasons for wearing glasses

  1. Some people use it only when needed
  2. some people even use it as an amateur
  3. Some people are totally dependent on this (glasses)

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(Those people with Short-sightedness, or myopia, wear it only while looking at Whiteboard or Watching Television. While People with Farsightedness (hyperopia) Wear it During mobile phone Usage, internet surfing, or book reading.)
But no one will deny these few things Nowadays, Every 1 out of 3 people have to live on this.

Glasses wearer life in a nutshell

  1. As a Glasses wearer, Why every time I hear this? Excess of mobile phones and tv usage must have been the reason for this!
  2. What will you do even after reading so much? Read a little less bookworm!
  3. Why am I called a chashmish in college and school? Why do I feel inferior to all this?
  4. You look so weird in glasses I mean it doesn’t suit you If I take off my eyeglasses, then “ugh your dark Circles” don’t you slept well last night.
  5. After waking up in the Morning, Why the first thing I have to do is to find my spectacles.
  6. If I forget to put on my glasses in a hurry, then the whole world seems blurred to me.
  7. Why do I have to hear this from My crush? Me, and that chashmish impossible
  8. Why it becomes the reason behind my rejections You can’t participate in college play Because your glasses don’t fit in this role.
  9. Why do my eyeglasses spoil my fancy look at someone’s wedding function?
  10. Why don’t you use that Home remedy or vision improvement exercise? Maybe you got rid of it.
  11. Nowadays, there is a trend of contact lenses. Why don’t you try them on If they irritate my eyes, So that’s my fault too?

Glasses are love

Well, all of this becomes a part of every chashmish’s life. But I’m happy with it. This is an unforgettable part of my life. It has become my identity. It is very important to me in life. It’s up to me whether I consider my glasses as a burden Or a unique style.

it makes me look different elegant and decent. I normally wear casual glasses but someday if I wear trendy and fancy glasses to give myself a different look, everyone notices me.

The changing frames of the glossy and Vibrant color make my mood even more pleasant.

in fact, matching glasses with clothes of every color will make me look more organized person.

Because of the glasses, people find me more attractive, smart, and intelligent in school, college, and even office interviews.

Therefore, it is a request to all Chashmish not to consider their spectacles as a cause of embarrassment.
Rather, imagine yourself lucky that God has given you the opportunity to look more attractive, smart, and intelligent.

Glasses as a signature accessory :

If you are a glasses lover then you’ll definitely have all the shapes, colors, and putting on new glasses is a simple way to completely transform your look just like a new. Here are two possible reasons to wear glasses. If you have weak eyesight, then it’s an unforgettable part of your life So why not to use it as your style statement. Fancy frames in beautiful colors will make your boring and daily look the most different. The second type is those who wear Glasses as Amateur. Glasses plays an important role as a signature accessory thing for girls. Even if you are not a Glasses Wearer, you must still use blue light blocking Protection Glasses. Glasses must be worn while reading a book, watching TV, or working in the office. Glasses of matching colors of your clothes, Improve your daily boring same look will bring newness and uniqueness and will become your style statement. Either you can keep it funky bold or simple and elegant with your glasses frame anyway.

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