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5 Motivational Girls success stories- journey Every girl should read

After Reading this Women-girl Educational, inspiring, and motivational girls’ stories you will feel self-confident and motivated. Also, you can find some more girlish stuff here.

she started searching in her purse as if she was looking for something. But there was nothing more than a few papers, passport-size photographs, and some hairpins. Disappointed, she took out her hand from her Purse. The man standing in front of her saw her empty hand and smiled, now he was looking at a beautiful thin gold chain along with a delicate lock and key like a pendant around Natalia’s neck. She understood what the man standing in front of her was demanding. She lowered her eyes, took off the pendant, and hold it in her hand. Find some more stories about girls’ success.

Natalia asked, “Sir, will my work be done?”
Steward grabbed her Pendant

Steward said: “Don’t worry”, (there was strange greed in his eyes while looking at her pendant).
Natalia picked up her bag and some books from the table and walked away.
while waiting for a bus, A car stopped at a famous coffee cafe in front of her eyes. The car was driven by a girl a very modern blonde girl she pulled her hand out of the car with so much of attitude and pointed to the waiter. She ordered him 2 cups of coffee. She was wearing a very expensive turquoise stone Bracelet in her hand.
Natalia looked at her and whispered: “That’s why Women education and Women empowerment is important”.
Meanwhile, Natalia’s bus had arrived and she got on it and reached her home
Natalia’s Mom: Natalia what happened my child it’s too late today Natalia’s mother asked her
Natalia: Nothing Mum There was a lot of work in the restaurant today.
(Natalia worked as a waitress in a restaurant.)
Natalia’s mom: Dinner? Her mother asked
Natalia: No Natalia said in a low voice.

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That day she went to her room and never came out again as if she had locked herself in the room.
Around 9 pm her mother knocked her room.
Natalia’s Mom: Natalia, get up, it’s your father’s call.
Natalia: The same father who caused us to be in this situation today? her voice was filled with sadness and anger
Natalia’s Mom said: But who is theirs besides you?
Natalia: Who was ours besides him? she countered question
Her mother was staring at her silently
Natalia closed her room. The next day she left early in the morning to go to the Restaurant.
instead of going to the restaurant, she was going somewhere else before.

City College for Girls whose slogan was Women’s Empowerment through Education

There was a light of hope in her eyes when She saw this.
When she reached the gate of the college,
Security guard: Mam your student card? asked the security guard.
Natalia: I don’t have it. Sorry,

Security guard: you can’t go inside.
Natalia: No, I just got a new admission so I didn’t get a student card Please let me in
The guard thought for a while.

Security guard: ok go he said calmly.
As soon as she entered college, she went straight to Dean’s office
Natalia: What happened to my admission sir You promised me yesterday?
Mr.Steverd: Think again dear, college fee is in millions. and this time you don’t have even a valuable pendant to pay your college fee.

he said it while making fun of Natalia.
Natalia: that’s my problem I see myself as a successful woman

I can sacrifice thousands of such pendants for it.

Mr.Steverd: Well that’s called the Girl power. I’m impressed.
But what about your part-time job? Does your family know all this?
No, they will never understand that very few girls get the support of their families in the field of education I am not one of them.
Mr.Steverd: I already understood that you are different from other girls. I’ve only seen people like you to succeed in life.
Natalia: Have I been enrolled in this college? she asked hopefully.
Mr.Steverd: You will be enrolled by submitting your academic report cards and other necessary documents to the Admissions Office.
Natalia: Thank You So Much Sir Natalia got up from her chair and said

Her happiness got no limits
She reached the restaurant directly from here but she got late.
even the scold of her boss was feeling good to her after all she was very happy She returned to her home at about 7 p.m.

Find some more stories about girls success.

It had been a week since college Joining. The busy routine of the college and restaurant work was giving her a lot of tough time together. She had kept her mom unaware till now Because she knew that her mom would not realize the significance of all this.due to the load of work, she was not able to cover her studies the way she should.She was still known as an average student in her class.

One day an announcement was made in the college. A talent Based competition is going to be held with an opponent college. Different categories of the competition were placed. The study, essay writing, arts, and design, speech, modeling singing, and sports All the girls in the college were very excited except Natalia.
Natalia thought to herself I don’t have time for this nonsense. What’s would be the advantage of all this?

only a few words of appreciation and applause.

Her friend: Scholarship Natalia, Scholarship Her friend said enthusiastically
Natalia: really she whispered to her?
Her friend: Yes, Deen has promised that whoever gets the Golden Trophy will get a scholarship to complete their degree from the abroad campus for free.
Natalia: Can’t I get a scholarship by staying on the same campus? Natalia asked innocently.
Her friend: Hey, Stupid girl go and gets a participation form first, limited seats are left then keep thinking all this.”Let’s go, Natalia,” said, running away
When she reached the counter, Give me a form too, Natalia said in a hurry
Receptionist: which category. ?The person standing at the counter asked
Essay Writing There were two voices at the same time, the first one was Natalia and the other one was Elif (Natalia’s class topper) standing a short distance away. Sorry, there is only one form left……to be continued

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