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12 Must-haves for Daily Foot care routine every girl should follow

There is an old saying If you want to check a woman’s good manners, look at her kitchen. And if you want to judge a woman’s beauty, look at her hands and feet. These few lines are not written to hurt them, but they are written for their correction. A large number of women think that 80% of their overall beauty is just because of their faces, and the remaining 20% of their beauty is due to the beauty of their hands and feet. That’s why they only focus on the beauty and protection of their face, while they are wrong. Even if you put thousands of make-up on your face, spend millions on your precious dress But when someone will look at your hands and feet, and they will be darker than your face. You can’t imagine the extent to which this thing will down your impression in the eyes of the viewer. To avoid this embarrassment, Promise yourself today that you will take care of your hands and feet in the same way you take care of your face and will follow this hand care routine. And I will guide you regarding this matter. So let’s explore some basic feet care routine’s Benefits, Remedies, secrets, Products, tips, and tools. Make sure to follow every step of this foot care routine for amazing results You can also read.

Foot wash

Keep calm and keep your feets clean. Washing feet is the first and basic part of the feet care routine, but washing them with ordinary chemicals body washes and soaps not only damage the skin of your feet but also remove the natural moisture of the skin and make them rough and tough. Avoid washing your feet too often during the day. Doing so can cause your feet to wither and stiff. As soon as you wash your feet, dry them, and apply any good moisturizing cream. Make sure to add a good foot wash or soap in your life. we all need help to keep our feet as clean as possible that’s why we need on the go feet cleansing wash or soap.

Choosing a good Foot-wash:

  1. The aroma should be unique which leaves your feet smelling fresh and clean
  2. It should lathers well, which helps you to clean your feet thoroughly.
  3. Your foot wash should have anti-bacteria disinfectant and anti-fungal properties.’
  4. It Should Deep cleanse, without drying your feet even with frequent use.
  5. It should have a moisture-locking property.
  6. Shouldn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Foot Cream:

Sometimes sneakers, sometimes high heels, sometimes open chapels Your feet support you everywhere. What do you do to protect them? Nothing right?. So from today onwards, every night before going to bed, soak your feet in lukewarm water rinse them, dry them, and then apply a foot cream on them. It will not take you much time or money to do so But then people wouldn’t be able to remove their eyes from your feet. Your feet will always hold their smoothness and will remain beautiful/how many of you apply foot cream before sleep. its wonderful habit washing and nicely moisturizing your feet before sleep can do wonders to your skin. It will provide intense moisturizing to your hardworking feet.


I always put a cotton pair of socks immediately after applying a foot cream for the best results. It provides deep hydration overnight. And I wake up to brighter feet, let your feet take your places.

Benefits of foot-cream

  1. Your heels won’t crack and feel smooth and soft by regular use
  2. relieves from cracked heels reduce unpleasant odor
  3. keeps feet soft, smooth, and healthy.
  4. A good feet cream give your feet a spa-like treatment at home
  5. it’s effective in rehydrating softening exfoliating and protecting your feet

Crack repairing cream:

we usually apply a moisturizing cream at our feet but the skin of heels is harder than the normal foot skin so it requires special care and pampering a good heel repairing cream helps to moisturize them and cure the cracked heels. wearing sandals and flip flops although totally essential in this wether the constant exposure to pollution can cause your delicate skin to harden and cracked If the damaged and dead skin of the feet is not cleaned for a long time, it can cause the heel to crack. It ruins the beauty of the feet and makes them stiffer. It is very important to clean it. This is why the heel repairing the machine is the best or handy tool for you to make your heels soft and clean again without any problem.use an electric foot scrubber to remove all the craked dead skin and hard skin of your heels.


Apply a good cracked repairing cream to soften and smoothen your feet and wear silicon socks for just 15 minutes to lock in cream for quicker more effective absorption.

Foot Cleaner:

Foot cleaner is a gentle and effective way to detoxify, cleanse, and enhance the repairing of the feet by drawing impurities from your skin. foot scrubber cleanses massage and softens your feet every time you shower When bathing, a person puts the least attention to his/her feet, while the feet are an important part of his physical beauty. Due to the lake of Proper cleaning it causes dark patches on some parts of the feet In order to keep them soft even tone and beautiful, they need to be cleaned. This is why it is imperative to use a foot cleaner () in your shower care routine which will not only remove dead skin cells but also remove dark spots on the feet. Will give them a soothing effect. will help you to easily relief of foot fatigue.

Knuckle Darkness

One of the most common hand and foot problems is knuckle darkness. It may be inherited or this also happens when you do not wash your hands and feet properly. There are countless home remedies and whitening creams to cure this problem. If all the steps above are followed, knuckle darkness can be avoided, But first, let’s see how to get rid of already darkened knuckles. our hands and feet for most have one common issue which is knuckle matter how beautifully shape or how well pedicure your nails are, dark knuckles can spoil all this in second.use a dark knuckle eraser set which will help you to restore and fade hyperpigmentation not only your hand’s feet’s dark knuckles but also your toes and elbows revealing a natural even skin tone. will also rejuvenate your hands, feet, and skin folds.

Foot Scrub:

Scrub works as an exfoliator we use our feet every day for multiple activities and jobs.they are always expose to water sun dirt and whats not! so make sure to add a good scrub your hand care routine scrubs are a great way for exfoliating and removing dead skin cells with antioxidants leaving your skin super smooth and healthy also they fight skin aging If proper care is not given to the hand or foot, a layer of dead or dead skin cells will begin to form which causes hand and feet darkness. To avoid this, women should apply scrub twice a week to their hands and feet to remove the dead skin cells layer. So that new cells can take their place. the scrub helps you to make your hands and feet shiny glowing soft and subtle lighten whiten and brighten scrub is the perfect way to keep your pawns in tip-top condition. It instantly brightens your skin it also buffs away any dead skin cells and impurities leaving my hands as clean radiant and as smooth as my face.

Hair removal:

Hand and foot hair removal is also an essential part of their protection, which is not done on a daily basis but can be done on a weekly or monthly basis depending upon the need. The unwanted hair looks very bad (especially knuckle hairs and feet fingers toe and middle part of the foot). mainly there are few methods to remove hair like shaving waxing plucking(aka epilation) these methods tend to lead long-lasting results, but also they hurt. Is there any wisdom in enduring hardship for such a small task?.apprenetly not. I suggest you go with some hair removal device commonly known as IPL laser hair removal device.its the quickest method to do your hair removal at home suitable for sensitive skin with no razor burn and ingrown can also use it around your lips face and body even the bikini area on your fingers and toes curve.with a best permanent hair removal. laser treatment is too expensive but this handy device is super easy painless you don’t have to exfoliate wax or pluck those unwanted hairs ever again.

Foot Masks

A holistic skincare routine doesn’t just focus on facial care complete your regimen with hand and foot masks for radiant beauty from face to toe. Masks are important not only for facial skin but also for hands and feet. Masks help you to eliminate impurities darkness, dullness dead skin cells, and dryness from your hands and feet.and keeps them hydrate moisturize, and beautiful. You can use it 2 times a week. The results will surprise you.and you will not be able to live without making them a part of your hand and feet care routine.No doubt foot masks are the ultimate part of weekly foot care routine repair dry cracked feet while softening and reversing fine lines on your hands and feet and give them a luxurious treatment just wear that sheet mask gloves soaked in skincare goodness while wearing a foot mask soaks your feet will be soft smooth exfoliated and can add them in your Sunday’s pampering routine. wear them in pj’s while watching films.

Nail paints:

perfectly painted nails express your mood. It plays a very important role in making the hands and feet attractive and aesthetic. The colorful Blinky floral nail paint on the hands and feet captivates the viewer. Dark-colored nail polish looks great with light-colored attires while pastels metallic and acrylic nail paints always make our hearts go boom boom, also you can choose between colored tips or white tips for the nails. choose some attractive shades and got extremely good formulation which dries down within seconds When nail polish is applied to the toenails, it adds and highlights to the beauty of both the shoes and the feet. The trend of nail art has grown rapidly over the last few years. Girls have been spending thousands of rupees in salons to get their nail art done The same thing can be done easily while sitting at home at a reasonable price But always use a good nail polish that will not damage your can also add up some nail paint stampers nail decorating kits metal nail decor stickers fluorescent stamping gel and colorful decals.

Nail paint Remover:

Just like after make-up, it is necessary to take it off with the help of make-up remover, same is in the case of nail paint By keeping nail polish for a long time can cause the nails to become dull and lifeless. There are some nail paint removers containing chemicals in the market that can do a lot of damage to the nails. These nail paint removers not only remove the nail paint but also the outer protective layer of the nails. so it is necessary to Buy a nail paint remover from a good company that removes the nail paint without damaging the protective layer of your nail.removing nail pints become fun with nail paint remover wipes makes the process of removing old nail paints easier each wipe contain a chemical-free formulation and leaving your nails to whiten and moisturized also you can go for a magical nail paint remover dip pot all you have to do is simply dip your nails and twist them and it will wipe out everything away that you don’t want to stay. will keep your nails nourished and healthy.


The same practice of manicure, when done for the protection and beauty of the feet, is called pedicure. Pedicure includes the same steps as manicure like foot cleaning foot scrubbing nail shaping cuticle removing foot massaging and applying nail paint are all major steps in pedicure, Pedicure not only beautifies the feet but also gives the person a soothing and relaxing effect So get your pedicure done once a fortnight. You must follow the above-mentioned feet care routine to make the results long-lasting. There are some Pedicure Kits available in the market which can give professional results at the comfort of your home.say goodbye to those expensive in-salon pedicures. A pedicure kit has all the goodies you needed to your pedicure, will bring much more convenience and beauty to your life the easy to use set comes with all the basic tools you needed for your nail grooming will give you professional results so keep your nails trim tidy and looking their best with small portable beautiful pedicure kits.

Foot Massager:

Set aside one day in a week in which just before taking a shower or at the same time, give your feet a good gentle massage. Proper foot massage will relieve the fatigue of the week. You will feel very light and relax. You can avail this in salons after spending thousands of rupees. You can do it for free whenever you want in the comfort of your home. Helps to improve blood circulation in your body. Busyness, high cost, and distance is no longer an excuse for you to, not take good care of your feet at regular intervals use some good all in one foot massager for your feet it enhances the blood circulation. So that your body will feel refreshed and invigorated massage is effective for calming and relaxing relieving fatigue and exfoliating it.No doubt foot massager is the ultimate part of the weekly foot care routine

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